5 Tips For Chebe Powder Application

Chebe powder has earned itself a place in the hair care world as herb that aids in length retention as well as moisture retention.

With everyone wanting such results, one has to consider the correct way of usage in order to benefit from it.

1. Clean your hair: Applying products to unwashed hair prevents it from being absorbed hence there is the need to cleanse the hair before using the Chebe.

2. Ask for the directions
Every brand has its unique approach to using Chebe powder or oil therefore, before to ask for the directions when you purchase it. Be sure to follow the directions for results!

3. Don't use extensions if you apply Chebe powder. This prevents your hair from getting the benefits. You can twist or cornrow your hair without the extensions. You may wear your wigs though.

4. Don't mix and match products with it. 
Every brand has its style of producing and mixing ingredients. It's not advisable to mix different brands of Chebe for the simple reason that they may not have the same quality, application or even results!

5. Don't apply on your scalp
Lastly, Chebe powder is not meant for scalp an. Some rogues claim using it in scalp will make it grow and they use that as their selling point. You'll get extremely itchy and irritated scalp if you use Chebe powder or vebe oil on the scalp.


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