Acne Triggers: Hormones & Genetics

There are so many skin conditions out there but pimples get the best of us because it's so visible on our face!

For the most part of my life, I've not had issues with pimples. I'm not genetically predisposed to pimples. I've been fortunate to have an amazing skin but I have come to know my acne triggers. Today, I want to draw your attention to hormonal acne. 

Genetically, you may be predisposed to pimples/acne because you have an overly activate sebum production which  can't be changed. Our DNA make up is what we came into this world with hence, if pimples run in the family, don't let it be the end of your world.

 By identifying this trigger, you will be able to create a suitable routine for your skin. In addition, seeking medical intervention in this case might be the best first aid in treating your acne. Why? The doctor can prescribe medication to help ie the dermatologist. The unfortunate news is that we don't do dermatologist in this part of the world. We just don't regard acne as requiring medical treatment. When we even hear the word dermatologist, we are immediately reminded of cost. Is it not better than wallowing in depression over your skin?

So, If you identify your acne to be caused by too much sebum, what next? I see you smiling here. That's the whole point. You are now able to target the trigger! No one is born with pimples, our hormones and genetic make up is the first place we have to check. Focusing on exfoliating, using pore control products like Niacinamide becomes easier for you. If the oily skin is the issue, you are able to deal with it than just waking up and purchasing any product with the word acne in it! You'll know that using hyaluronic acid will be great in keeping hydration levels up. You won't go buying coconut oil! You'll know that the jojoba oil you've been running away from is one of the best for your skin. Why? Because in searching and researching about oily skin, you'll find articles to help you choose the best. See how one move can solve your issue? 

How about when your hormones are imbalanced? Okay. The good news is that you may be asked to do these tests to indentify the root cause of your acne when you see a dermatologist and once the imbalance is corrected, you will surely be free of acne. Even PCOS can be the root cause so if you have tried all you know, see a doctor now! 


  1. How do you handle acne and the leftover dark spots associated with hormonal imbalances.


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