5 Tips For Short Natural Hair

For the naturals that choose to big chop, it's easy to get overly excited about your mew hair journey. However, there are some pitfalls to avoid.

1. Don't expect t curls if your hair isn't naturally curly. I can't count the number of times naturals request for curling creams to makentheur hair curly as if these creams contain magical ingredients to create such a result. Type 3 hair naturally has curls and using a curl cream enhances those curls. For type 4,especially, 4B and 4C, you will be setting up yourself for failure and disappointment! Instead of curl creams, invest in deep conditioners. Even as short as your hair is, right from the onset, regular deep conditioning means that as your hair grows, it will stay more hydrated.

2. With short natural hair, there's not much you can do in terms of styling. That also means you tend to comb daily. This may cause breakage if the hair isn't moisturised first. In addition, there is no need to reapply butters or oils often. They tend to leave the hair oily. On thing that learnt when I wss natural, was to use hair mist daily. I don't follow with butter for at least four days before I remoisturize.

3. Don't rush to try out styles. Most often, we want to get a certain look before we enjoy our hair. Personally, I realised being focused on styling was what frustrated my natural hair journey. Instead of paying attention to the health of the hair, I was engrossed in styling the TWA which obviously left me frustrated.

4. If you aren't comfortable with your short hair, wear wigs. There is nothing wrong with them! Going natural doesn't mean 'everything natural'. Do what makes you comfortable! If your hair is long enough to wear extensions, definitely go for it!

5. Don't buy too many growth oils, focus on vitamins, butters, herbal rinses and deep conditioners. From my experience, the best way to boost your hair growth is from within - internally. If you wish for faster hair growth, invest in hair supplements rather than oils. In addition, herbal rinses or Ayurvedic rinses will enhance the health of your scalp and health.


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