Relaxer Day Steps

The longer your hair gets, the more you ought to protect the older parts because they tend to thin out so easily and break off more.

The first step is fortifying the hair. Fortunately, new technology has allowed us to have a mirad of choices especially for bond menders. Olaplex No. 0 or No. 3 and Creme of Nature have great bond menders can be applied along with your Vaseline to buffer the hair against relaxer run off.

Secondly, the relaxer application itself can make or break your effort. I've had several complaints about thin hair and for the most part, it has to do with the hair dresser using fine tooth comb to pass the relaxer through the hair. This moment is extremely crucial if you want thicker relaxed hair. Know your hair texture before you allow them to use that comb. Personally, when they pass the relaxer through the hair and comb through, I make them rinse off immediately. I DON'T sit and wait again for the cream to process. My hair becomes straight enough! If with all your washing and treatments you neglect this step, you'll always battle with thin ends.

Also, another culprit is when the relaxer is being washed off. The old hair drops in the sink and the relaxer still flows through as it is washed off. Now, to combat this will be a tough one unless you do your hair at home. The wash bowl makes it impossible to avoid this situation. However, I always encourage my hair dresser to wash the relaxer out quickly to minimize contact. I request for warm water if needed to facilitate the process.

A new product that I've come across is conditioner neutraliser. Basically, it conditions as well as neutralises the hair at once. If you don't have this, don't forget to use neutralising shampoo  after rinsing off the relaxer. When the relaxer is washed off, there are two things you can apply.
You may use a protein deep conditioner. This fortifies your hair. On the other hand, you may use a moisture deep conditioner too. Whichever you choose, apply right after rinsing out the relaxer. Then, rinse out the deep conditioner and follow with neutralising shampoo.

Next, you may choose to do apple cider vinegar rinse as a last step, leave for some minutes and rinse off. This helps to restore  PH of the hair and scalp.

The last step is using the leave in conditioner and oils.

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  1. I am due soon for a relaxer as well.
    Great post Abena

  2. Nice one Emprezz👍


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