Relaxer Stretch - Ceramide Oil

Once you decide on how long you want to stretch your relaxer, you need to really plan your weekly routine in order to minimize tangles, knots and of course, dryness and breakage at the point of demarcation.

One essential addition to my hair oils is Hemp oil. Hemp oil is a ceramide oil - Ceramides are lipids (oil) that naturally occur in the strand. Their main purpose is to act like the glue that helps the cuticle layer lay flat and remain intact. Although ceramides occur naturally in the healthy strand, we impact normal levels when we undergo a chemical process, use excessive heat or even by the simple act of combing or washing the hair.
Another product with ceramide oils is the Mielle Rosemary mint scalp and hair strengthening oil.

To support and repair the hair, I decided to switch to ceramide oil and then some other ceramide based products. These are products such as conditioners, leave in conditioners, deep conditioners etc that contain ceramide oils like safflower oil, wheat germ and grapeseed oil.

This week, I went to the salon!
[1] Prepoo: The creme of nature bond mender

[2] Shampoo : John Frieda Hydrate and Recharge Shampoo.

[3] Conditioner: John Frieda Hydrate and recharge conditioner
[4] Leave in conditioner: Difeel ultra growth leave in conditioner
After this, she did a roller set and use the Difeel hemp oil.

Overall, I like how my hair is thriving. Can you see the thickness? 

I'll be preparing some herbal mist, especially with Kelp and other powders to boost hair growth and moisture!

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