Complex Natural Hair Wash Routines

Let's tackle washing natural hair and some key steps to take.

[1] Prepoo: Pre shampoo treatment is not limited to just coconut oil. You can use aloe vera or mixture of both to prepoo your hair. You may also choose store bought ones like the African pride pre-shampoo.

[2] shampoo: After the pre-shampoo treatment, section or part the hair into about 6 and twisted up. This allows you to move to the cleansing step, using a shampoo, with minimum tangles and knots. You may shampoo more than once depending on how dirty the hair is. You may use a detangling shampoo at this step to take out shed hair as well as knots and tangles. 

[3] Conditioner: You then use a conditioner after rinsing off the shampoo. Other naturals detangle their hair at this point using the running water from the shower as they rinse out the conditioner. 

[4] The leave in conditioner: Next comes the leave in conditioner. St this stage, you may use a detangling leave in to untangle and remove shed hair. Keep in mind to work in sections. 
[5]Styling: After the leave in conditioner, still keep the hair in sections and twisted as you style each part. Even if you don't intend to wear any particular style, still keep the hair stretched in twists. Id you choose to blow dry, still do it in sections.

Wash 2: Tea Rinse, Rice Water Rinse, Herbal rinse
If you wish to do a tea rinse, it's easy.
[1] Shampoo the hair and follow with conditioner. After rinsing, pour the tea rinse or rice or herbal rinse over the twisted hair and wait for some minutes before rinsing out with water. Then, apply your leave in conditioner and styling products.

[1] Shampoo the hair, rinse and apply the tea rinse. Allow to sit fir a while and apply your conditioner too. You may choose to rinse out the tea before the conditioner is applied. Continue with leave in conditioner and styling after conditioner is washed out.

Note: If you want to do tea rinse, it's safer to detangle during thw shampoo step or before shampoo.

Wash 3 Clay treatment
You may use your clay mask as a shampoo therefore, it comes first. Again, be sure to work in sections or parts, twist the hair up to allow for easy application and rinsing. 

If you want to use the clay after shampoo, apply it, rinse off and then follow with a moisturising conditioner. Although clay treatments are generally cleansing treatments.

Wash 4 Deep Conditioning/Herbal mask
You don't have to use a conditioner and deep conditioner at the same time. Instead of a conditioner, you simply replace with a deep conditioner or hair mask.

Hope these tips help make your wash days easier. 


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