Three Types of Product Junkies (PJs)

How often do you buy hair products?

An aunt of mine told me a story about a course mate in school. This person loved to photocopy any available material because she was not regular at lectures. One day, she unintentionally photocopied the entire holy Bible. What a shame! There is another incident where a course mate was so fond of making photocopies of other people's notes. On one occasion, he realized he had copied his own notes !

Who is a Product Junkie (PJ)?. Any one who buys every hair product he/she comes across. Every hair care line promises us beautiful bouncy curls but promises are not realities. What works on my hair might not work for you. Even if it does work, we may not have the same results. Sometimes, a little goes a long way. I have observed three categories of product junkies be it natural or relaxed.

The first group of PJs purchase products because they can afford to do so. They do not feel the impact on their pockets. They have a budget allocated for their hair such that even when the product is not needed, they buy it for future use. They have tried every hair care line and even when they find their stable products, they still add more because they can afford it.

Then comes the PJs who acquire products for the purpose of experimenting with the products in order to derive stable ones. Once they discover what works for them, they do not purchase new products until the need arises.

Now, the third type of PJs do so because everybody is doing it. They have no problem with the products they use; they follow bandwagons in order to fit in. Sometimes, this may drain their budget yet the desire to fit in is stronger than the stress on their pockets.

In the quest for the best for our hair, we have to be cautious  otherwise, manufacturers  might capitalize on it and we will end up buying packaged corn flour or the popular "konkonte" (cassava flour) as deep conditioners!

What type of PJ are you?



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