Honour Your Hair Texture

Some few months ago, I had a conversation with a friend (let's say Akua) at school about our hair type. Whilst I was bemoaning the fact that my hair was too coarse, she was grumbling about having fine hair. It was hilarious and ironical! Imagine what was going through our poor minds!

Akua complained that she could not do any style that could last a day without using a gel or pudding. I, on the other hand, could make do with sheabutter or any form of oil and I'll be done for  the week. So whilst Akua had to find ways of getting rid of build-up from gels and other thick products, I used less products.

But I had difficulties with detangling the hair without a conditioner with a good slip whilst Akua could easily do so with only water. This is a typical case of the phrase,"one man's meat is another man's poison".
Even though this encounter occurred some months ago, each time I hear someone complain of her hair texture, I recall the conversation and smile.

Ladies, honour what you have on your head!



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