Hair- An Enemy of Intimacy?

Ladies, I can imagine the look on your faces but let's be honest, hair can sometimes be a problem during intimate moments in our relationships.

We would do everything possible to preserve a hair style even to the extent of choosing how we lie during sleep time.  What would be your reaction if  bf/dh wants you to lay your head on his lap. You would make sure you tilt your hair to preserve your hair do! But have you considered the fact that these men are in our lives not only for our outward beauty but for our inner beauty?

Do you wonder why you bothered to get the hair done in the first place? Ok, ponder over this. Your girlfriends will applaud you on your hair style but at the end of the day, the number one priceless comment will be what your partner says. Laughing? Yet, we get uncomfortable should our partner makes an attempt to touch the hair. Grumbling, frowning, mumbling things only we understand are some of the reactions we put up in defense of our hair style.

The next time you want to oppose your partner's urge to touch your hair, imagine what you'll do if you were bald!



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