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How To Grow Long Hair in 2018

After posting about my plans and goals to achieving my hair goals in 2018, some participants in the boot camp who are new on the healthy hair journey have requested for a post on how to grow long hair in 2018.

If your new year resolution is to grow your relaxed hair or natural hair long, here are a few tips for you.

1. Get a shampoo: cleaning your scalp and hair as a first step eliminates dirt from the scalp and hair. It also means you'll be able to use your other products effectively.

2. Conditioner: infusing moisture back into the hair after a shampoo is essential in maintaining soft hair as well as preventing breakage. After shampoo, follow up with the conditioner for softer and manageable hair.
3. Deep conditioner aka steaming cream as our locals know it helps to provide the hair with nutrients that nourish the strands, strengthen it and also prevent damage and breakage. This treatment should be done at least once a month after shampoo. You can alternate that with the…

Starting A New Healthy Hair Journey For 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, I've been reordering and reorganizing my goals, priorities and most importantly, my desired outcomes.

Growing hair isn't a day thing neither is it a race. However, I also don't want to relax and suffer a setback. Creating the balance between the goal and achievement needs a simple but effective planning. What I mean is if I set a goal, I need to know when and how I'll achieve it. Merely stating the goal doesn't yield the result.

If you've been following this blog for a while, you'd know that I don't wait till new year to set goals and targets. This is the best time to evaluate what the current year has been and what the future holds.

2017 was a fun year for me! I learnt so much about my skin and honestly, my hair took a back seat. I hardly purchased products as I got about 7 hair cuts! Talk about not having products, I intended keeping a tapered cut but Mr. Sweetheart wants to play in long hair again hence I decided…

Wash Day With Tea Tree Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

Aside loving how clear my face has become, I've been paying attention to moisture retention too. To retain moisture, I endure that the products I use in cleansing the hair are moisturizing ones.

This is week 2 of the boot camp and to wash the hair, I decided to use the Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Shampoo and Deep Conditioner.

The Shampoo

It had the scent of tea tree oil and it's not too thick. It's a deep cleansing shampoo hence I'd rather use it when I have build up and not weekly.

The deep conditioner is my favourite; it has a strong tea tree oil scent and a bit minty. The beat thing is the softness I had after use.

It's extremely moisturizing and I don't think I switch or try another one any time soon. Of course, it's affordable too thus I get to enjoy the benefits of moisturized hair and no stress on the pocket! I do love it!

2. After cleansing and deep conditioning, I applied the wild growth light oil moisturizer, a bit of the wild growth hair oil…

How To Make Your Own Liquid Biotin

Getting the maximum benefit from your biotin requires constantly taking it with meals. However, what happens in reality is we sometimes forget to take it or find it hard taking it with the meal, especially, if we have to swallow it. For Chewable vitamins, the tendency is to do so after the meal as they tend to be sugary and will affect our taste buds whilst eating Lol. What's the solution?

For some biotin and vitamins in capsule form, simply add to your beverage and take it. I tried this technique with my natures bounty gummies and it was a success! It melted in the beverage so I got to enjoy my meal as well as take my vitamins.

You can add to your drink or juice too, especially smoothie in the morning. For tablet vitamins, even cold water can dissolve it for you. If you feel it might be bitter, then, your morning tea or porridge can handle that. Just drop it in a spoonful of what you are drinking to melt and take it. Recall those days of bitter paracetamol or chlor…

Goat Milk Pawpaw Soap

I purchased this from a shop on Instagram and just for the fact that I saw goat milk,  I decided to try it.  I just saw that butterflygh also has a goat milk line that I'll be trying after this.  I also got the carrot and oatmeal,  all with goat milk. I've been using the oatmeal one since last week and so far,  no itching and no negative reaction. I find my skin to be less dry too; it stays hydrated for longer periods.  With the size, the three bars could last me two months (minus night baths lol).

The three cost me less than 40gh including delivery. I don't use it on my face because I have enough facial products.

I got them from naturalbeautygh on Instagram and I hope to enjoy this line.

6 Things I Look Forward To (October 2017 to October 2018)

I've missed my length so much but I've made peace with myself and my hair regarding my love of fierce cuts!

Now that I have made the choice to grow the hair in a relaxed state, I've realized that there are 6 things I'd love to do.
1. Wear a bun with extensions at the end. I miss this style so much!

2. Use up products within a month so I don't hoard.

3. Wear headband around the hairline whilst the hair is in a top bun

4. Air dry and get puffy, frizzy hair!

5. Try some product lines on the market eg. From Sheamoisture and Creme of nature, Eden Bodyworks and Sunny Isle.

6. The last one is to be able to do 12 weeks relaxer stretch throughout the 12 months of the challenge. 4 relaxer application within a year would be great for maintaining my dark and thick hair!

2 Weeks Post Relaxer Hair Care Routine

The tapered cut is getting fuller especially as it is relaxed. I like my hair and although I'm unsure of what the future holds, I've made peace with myself that my hair decisions will always be unplanned and as indecisive as my personality.

Anyway, it's been quite fun in the boot camp and I've learnt new techniques from the ladies too.
For my routine, I use hair milk and seal with with either my ESO hair oil (my own hair growth oil) or with Jamaican black castor oil hair food daily. At night, I use only the hair milk and cover with a cap to bed. Maintaining moisture at this length has to be a priority if I want to have a successful 12 weeks stretch. I don't wish to have over processed hair or overlapped relaxers hence the focus on moisture.

As for growth, I've secured enough supplements and the hair oils are boom! I'll follow the boot camp wash routines each week thus every wash day post from 1st October is in accordance with boot camp rules. 😊?…

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