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Baggy Method And Green House Effect (GHE)

-->  What is the difference between the baggy method and the Green House Effect?

Baggying involves using a moisturizer (which contains chemicals) and a plastic cap to help retain moisture and hydrate your hair.

The green house effect is mainly to help promote hair growth in a natural way as well as restore moisture.The greenhouse effect encourages your body heat and natural oils to moisturize your hair.
These two methods can aid in hair growth and retention. Some women that do this regularly (3-5 times a week) have shown that they get 1 inch of hair growth a month. This method is great for anyone with dry, brittle ends.

ESO Hair Oil + Iron Supplement

Whenever you take a hair growth vitamin, be sure to add iron supplement if it's missing from the ingredients. I find it prudent because I easily go low on iron levels and this can cause severe hair loss and thinning.

Despite the fact that I won't be taking hair vitamins for the next couple of months, I still need to maintain my iron levels so this is what I grabbed.

I'll take this as long as possible. I'm more at ease this way knowing that I will still support my health without compromising the oil I'm using.
What are you taking for hair growth or using for hair growth?

Empties So Far + No Hair Vitamins

I, initially, wrote that I was switching to the Vitacost hair skin and nails vitamins but this is the opportune time to use the ESO hair oil for a better review. Mind you, I do have another concoction ready to be used in 2018 therefore the year 2018 will certainly be filled with oiling the scalp for growth.

The key ingredient in the ESO is sulphur which aids in hair growth and also thickness. It's going to be an awesome period right?

I've gone off all supplements except folic acid so I don't know if anything that might influence this test. It's going to take a lot of courage to stay away from hair vitamins Lol. My system is addicted to it and although I did take a 3 months break during the year it's going to require more effort to do the same again.

All the same, tomorrow marks the beginning of the year long relationship with my own ESO hair growth oil. I'll try do monthly comparisons as usual so we check the progress.
There are my motivational pi…

Vitacost Hair Skin and Nails Vitamins

I've been so faithful in taking the beautifully bamboo vitamins and have successfully finished them.

The newest vitamins in my stash is the Vitacost hair skin and nails vitamins.

My hair has grown back again although I do wish to end the year with ear length. Let's see what happens next.
If you read the ingredients on the Vitacost, you'd realized biotin is 2800mcg per capsule which is lower than other brands. However, I'd rather take this since I realized that the hair grows faster even with low dosage. I may start that bottle within the month; let's see what happens next.
What do you think about my results so far?

Wash Day at 2 Weeks Post Relaxer

It's been great growing back this hair and most especially using the beautifully bamboo vitamins to help. My hair is thickening up rather than getting longer which is OK. This is the stage for that and then eventually, length will show.

To wash, I used the Beauty Formulas Tea Tree Shampoo to clarify the hair and then followed with the ever moisturizing Beauty Formulas Tea Tree deep conditioner.

I skipped leave in conditioner and applied the ESO hair Oil straight away on the damp hair. My hair was extremely well moisturised.

I have just 6 days worth of beautifully bamboo vitamins left after which I may or may not switch to Vitacost hsn vitamins whilst using the ESO hair oil. Whatever the choice, I'll keep you updated. I want to use my oil for a full year for a thorough review.

I look forward to the next 4 weeks to see my progress.

7 Days of Green House Effect

Don't mind that bra hand 😁😁😁 The relaxer went well except I had to give a handful of instructions throughout the process.

At the end, I did notice some good growth as a result of the vitamins and hair growth oil.

What next? My next touch up is in 4 weeks and I'm maintaining that until I can wear a decent style. I'll trim a lot off as soon as I can wear a bun. The idea is to texlax later in 2018 to maintain thickness.

It's going to be a long way back to Armpit Length but we'll get there. I just want to OK enjoy my hair each day.

For this week, I'll be doing 7 days of green house effect to restore more moisture into the hair and keep that hair hydrated. My hair easily gets dry hence I need to step up my game!
I'll be using just a tiny amount of the ESO hair oil nightly and then cover with a shower cap for just after work hours. I don't intend doing it overnight as the weather is too hot to wear a cap at sleep time.

I'll be back with ano…

Do You Oil Your Scalp?

Oiling your scalp is quite a controversial topic within the hair world for the reason that some advocate that you do so to help prevent dry scalp whilst others are of the view that your sebum is enough to hydrate your scalp. The question is how much sebum do you have? Is it enough?

The main concern with oiling your scalp has to do with clogging the pores with thick oils that prevent your scalp from receiving the nourishment it needs as well as adding to the sebum you have. In some cases, I've found my sebum production to be low and as such oiling the scalp was a good way of ensuring no dryness. On the other hand, when I go overboard with the application of the oil, I experience itchy scalp.

When you oil your scalp, it doesn't need to be a daily routine if your scalp doesn't like it. Itchy scalp means you need to cleanse it and applying oils to the scalp might require regular cleansing. There are people with scalp conditions that can only be soothed with oiling the scalp.

How To Use Protective Styles To Grow Longer Hair

In as much as we all want to grow long hair,  we also fail to see that it's not everything that yields positive results and this applies to using protective styles to grow longer hair.

We call some styles protective styles because our ends are protected from the elements and also from damage as a result of manipulation. Weaves,  buns and braids are the most common protective styles. In order to reap the benefits of protective styles to grow your hair long,  use the following tips.

**Moisturize your hair underneath your hair style.  Use a braid spray or your own spritz to keep the hair from drying out.

**Clean your scalp regularly to remove dirt which blocks the pores on the scalp.  Use light oils on the scalp I order not to clog it.

**Don't keep the style in for too long. Now,  what is "long"? That's up to you. Some clean their scalp and wash their braid or weaves regularly hence they are able to go up to 3 months.  You know your hair and what it can tolerate so …

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