16 August, 2017

Moisturizing and Sealing Tapered Cut

The tapered cut is less stressful but that doesn't eliminate moisturizing and sealing to protect the hair.

I focus on the top part as that has the longest hair. I spray Kukie hair mist on it, apply We Natural leave in or sometimes the Mielle Organics hair milk anf seal wit the Tropic Isle Jamaican black castor oil hair food.

I brush down the back and comb out the too part. With time, I'll be able to twist the top to a twist out! About 6-8 months of growth can get me there.
Will I trim again? Certainly! The next tell is in two month time and I'll be leveling the back and trimming the ends of the top.
I really love this stress free style and for those wondering whether it is worth it, let me say, 'Yes, it is'.
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14 August, 2017

Will I Ever Grow My Hair Long?

This question if growing my hair long pops up each time I cut my hair and it's justified.

Click to watch my recent tapered cut.

I'll grow my hair; the top part. After watching the video, you'll understand why I took that root.
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12 August, 2017

I May Never Be Able To Wear Braids

When you caution yourself several times and fail to heed your own advice, know that you'll pay for it.

After the aloe vera treatment to calm my scalp, I've been paying extra attention to the scalp massages. I find them quite relaxing but unfortunately, I'm unable to use the massage brush due to the pain.

I'm certain the pull and tug of the braid, cornrows have made my scalp sensitive. I've been off braids for months and yet the pain has isn't subsided.

Pictured is actress Moesha ( Ghanaian actress).
I can't touch the crown region at all. When I massage the scalp, that part hurts so much that I've stayed off touching it. It's that bad. I guess from the tone of the post you've realized I'm quite worried and sad. If not braiding will help heal my scalp, I'm in.
I haven't discussed this with any of my journey partners as the decision lies on me.

I'm off braids and probably forever. I'm really down guys and I hope the next post will bear exciting news.
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10 August, 2017

3 Steps To Infusing Moisture In Your Hair

My hair has been dry lately probably because I lie down on the sofa a lot ( no protection for the hair). To rectify this, I decided to do a green house effect.

1. Applied Sulphur oil on the scalp and Jbco on the hair itself.

2. Covered with a shopping bag and shower cap

3. Went to bed .

I'll do this for about three times a week as the whether is becoming more dry.
Have you tried Green House Effect?

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09 August, 2017

Wash Day With Butterflygh Hair Products

My scalp hasn't seen water on two days and I had to shampoo so I went in for the Butterflygh hair products. I'll post a review after two more uses.

1. Shampooed with the Butterflygh herbal mint shampoo. I was in for a huge and lovely surprise with this shampoo.
2. Followed up with the herbal mint conditioner with the intention of deep conditioning afterwards. Well, that flew out of the window because this conditioner also surprised me in the most pleasant way.

3. I used the Kukie Naturals hair mist and sealed with Sunny Isle Jamaican black castor oil.

I applied edge entity cream to the edges and took my hairfinity vitamins.

My next wash is in 4 days time and I'll be using the kukie naturals sample line so stay tuned. I'll give more details about the effectiveness or otherwise of the samples.
Well, I guess we are back to texturizing after that failure.
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08 August, 2017

Hairstyle Gone Wrong but...

I had a cool hairstyle I'd wanted to get done for a few months as I intend wearing the hair in a variety of short cuts but this one just flopped! My stylist didn't see the picture but she knew what I was going for( she's done for me before). This time, my hair just didn't work with me nor with her.

I was going for this look but all I got was blown hair Lol.

I don't think it's a waste! I'll grow the hair to a certain length and visit her again!

Yes, that's life.
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Hairfinity Week #3

The third week has come; I counted the vitamins left and I have 18 to go! Remember I started off with one capsule a day, took a break and then began with two caps a day.

I took a break when I fell ill so about 5 days break. Per the calendar, I'll be done by 25th of this AUGUST. It's going to be consistent intake (All things being equal) which will gives us a fair review, right?

After this bottle, I may do a second bottle and then see. If I'm able to, I'll do 3 months for the fact that I have no breakout whatsoever!!! That's a major plus considering that my water intake has been 500-1000ml a day.

As for length, the final week of August will let you know.
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06 August, 2017

Wash Day ( Short 4C Natural Hair)

I'm 3 weeks post big chop #6 Lol and after the aloe vera scalp treatment, I had to wash the hair.

I used Dudu Osun black soap once and it felt good! I used the shampoo massage brush for a thorough cleansing.

I used the Mielle Organics Avocado hair milk and then sealed with Sunny Isle Jamaican black castor oil extra dark.

I really enjoy washing my hair but I miss my length. It's going to take another year to get back to my previous length so patience is a virtue I need to cultivate.
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04 August, 2017

Aloe Vera for Sore Scalp

The one thing this week has taught me is that whatever I did with the previous big chops were not really about the techniques but one ingredient - aloe vera. I haven't used aloe vera this time and the sore scalp has opened my eyes to how essential this ingredient is.

My scalp has been sore to the point of being unable to touch! I scanned my routine and noticed that I've left out aloe vera this time. I opened a leave and applied it; my scalp responded to it immediately. I mean I felt a soothing effect right after application.

We don't know what we have until we find ourselves in need. Can you imagine that the aloe vera treatment was the key to my scalp feeling good after big chop? I felt my hair wasn't also growing as fast as the last time and that has also been explained. You won't get fast hair growth with a damaged scalp!

I've plugged more fresh aloe vera plant to use daily. I don't care about shrinkage hence I can use the treatment for as long as possible.

When I applied the aloe vera, I covered with a steam cap. The calming effect of the aloe vera was just relaxing! Talking about relaxing your hair, this experience has convinced me that our scalp gets affected by the chemicals in the relaxer.

If that is not the case, then, why the sore scalp after big chop? As my scalp gets healed, I'm going to get more aloe vera treatment done each week when the hair even becomes longer.

To increase the detoxing of the scalp, I applied a generous amount of Jamaican black castor oil before steaming. Jbco restores the pH of your scalp.

This will be my go to hair treatment until the scalp is OK.
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