Should You Wash Your Own Hair?

Washing hair can be an arduous task at the salon so if you choose to wash at home, you have to be mentally and physically prepared for the stress. The question though is whether it’s necessary in this part of the world.

When you begin your hair journey, you definitely want to have a good wash routine to ensure your hair becomes healthy again. When you get your own products, it speeds up the repair process and helps you to also understand your hair needs. 

In the western world, salon visits are costly hence the rise in ladies doing their own wash. That’s the genesis of the YouTube wash videos. Washing one’s own hair also guides to you choose quality products as well as determine the best practices for your hair. In addition, you are able to compare brands and techniques too. 

However, for us here,  most of our salons are quite affordable to wash at least once a month or twice a month.   In view of this, the advice I give for newbies on a hair journey is to continue using the salon. They are trained in handling hair even if they aren’t that good in terms of products. Their techniques works quite well with a lot of products hence you get to benefit from them. 

Also, getting professional help gives you time to learn the skills to apply should you decide to wash your own hair. 

My experience with washing at the salon has taught me to go that route most often if I don’t have the energy to detangle and  roller set. These little things can affect your length retention when not properly done. 

For the first one year or so of your journey, let your stylist help you as you navigate through the hair journey. 


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