10 Co-Washing Problem (5): How Do You Dry Hair After Co-washing?

Ok,  after co-washing what next? If you are co-washing in the night, then, you may have to
  • Use a hooded dryer if you have one
  • Blow dry on cool setting
  • Use a T-shirt to wrap the hair and go to bed. By morning, the shirt would have absorbed all the excess water in the hair.
  • Air dry till bed time
  • Hooded dryer  for roller set or dry under it before bed time.
I use any of theses techniques depending on how sleepy, tired or just lazy I am-cover the hair with a t-shirt and allow to dry for about 30 minutes and air dry. Other times, I simply pin the ends down for bed.

To prevent shrinkage when am deep into a stretch, I clip the hair down with bobby pins to keep it stretch whilst sleeping. Not doing that will mean puffy hair in the morning which will make it dificult to style.

If you co-wash in the mornings before work, you can blow dry on cool setting which I opt for sometimes. 

 You may also do a wet bun and with our sun here, it wouldn’t take more than 15 minutes for the hair to dry up in the bun. Alternatively, you could t-shirt dry whilst dressing to decrease the amount of water in the hair before bunning. If you have time to be under a dryer, good for you!



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