10 Co-Washing Problems (9): The Case Of Build Up!

--> Co-washing is fun until you realize your hair doesn't absorb products or the products just sit on the surface of the hair! Other times, the hair feels weighed down and no product seems to help!
After co-washing for a while, the conditioners tend to leave residues on the hair! How?  According to JC of thenaturalhavenbloom, hair carries a slight negative charge which is enhanced when you use a shampoo with a negative charge. Hair will adsorb the conditioner better because the positive charge in the conditioner is attracted to the negative charge on the surface of hair. Also,most ingredients in hair conditioner attach to the surface of hair
Based on this, I believe that the ingredients in conditioners, in the process of moisturizing, , repairing damage, smoothing cuticles will continue to pill up on the surface of the hair.
Per my assumptions, you will eventually have residues of the conditioners on the surface of your hair as you continue to co-wash. The only way to truly cleanse the hair is to use a shampoo and in this case, a clarifying shampoo- Organic Root Stimulator aloe shampoo probably once every 5 weeks to ensure that my hair is clean and can thus absorb products; my scalp will.also be able to breathe properly!

Therefore, in as much as you want to avoid shampoos, occasional use will go a long way to ensure that your hair is clean to give your hair more benefits of  your co-washing!



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