10 Co-Washing Problems (7): What If Your Hair Is Damp After Morning?

A major concern for those who co-wash at night is that of damp hair in the morning and what to do with it.
I find that I can do a roll and tuck on damp hair so l get to be fly! I can also get away with a pompadour plus bun style, a simple bun or ponytail or as a last resort, blow dry on cool.

With this our sunshine,  I could have four twists in my head which will dry up by the time I finish preparing for work if I step out two or three times. However, if you don’t want any of this, wigs might be your friend; keeps the moisture in the hair anyway.
I know that Green house effect also gives a similar problem in the mornings.
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What do you do if you hair is damp in the morning?


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