Pre-Poos: A different Perspective

I was reading on Pre-Poos by  on (See post here)  and something caught my attention.  It's the word DRENCH which the Merriam Webster online dictionary defines as to wet thoroughly (as by immersing or soaking in a liquid).

When I saw that word, I pondered over my Pre-poos and whether I've been drenching my hair properly with the oils. So, during  one of my co-washing, I saturated my hair with sheabutter and went under the dryer. 

Just then, another idea crossed my mind. Why not check to see if the oil has sunk deep into the strands or just sitting on the hair. Well, some of the oil was still on the surface after 10 minutes! I recalled how you have to stir your sugar into your beverage to ensure that the sugar dissolved well; I ran my hands through the hair, massaging the oil into it again.  The end results were awesome!!

 I decided to share this with you so you get full benefits of Pre-Poos. What do you think? If you want a video tutorial, kindly let me know. I intend to use this method henceforth!
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