4 Ways To Protect Your Edges

When was the last time you applied your hair growth oil to your edges? We are still on the edges challenge and this week, I want to share four ways to protect your edges.

We already know of leaving out the edges when you braid. But what about getting them to look sleek? Get a gel with a good hold. I avoid those black hair gels for the reason that they contain protein which leaves my hair stiff. Opt for eco styler gel instead or any edge control that has a good hold but won't cause breakage too.

Move the position of your satin cap to the lower part of the forehead so there is no tension on the hair line.

Be sure to shampoo, deep condition and moisturise your edges too. You want those parts to also benefit from the regimen.

Apply your hair growth oils as a preventive measure against breakage. You don't have to wait until the hair line recedes before applying growth oils to the edges. Maintaining healthy edges involve still applying your hair products as often as possible.


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