How To Use Aloe Vera On Relaxed Hair

Haven dealt with how I use aloe vera on natural hair, why not show you how you can use aloe vera on relaxed hair too. Do share these "How To" posts with friends and family to get them to maintain healthy hair.

Apply on your edges. When you want to restore moisture around the edges, just apply the aloe vera on your edges at night. If you don't mind wet edges in the morning, you can do so. I realised my edges stay fresh looking with the aloe vera. I top up with the edges oil mix and call it a night. Cover with a satin cap to prevent staining your cloth. The beauty of this is that I notice an increase in the growth of the hair at the hairline too.

Apply to your scalp and massage for a couple of minutes. I extend to the hair and cover with satin cap. Aloe vera will help soothe your itching scalp as well as promote growth.

Apply to scalp after relaxer to soothe the scalp. This is the best treatment for scalp burns too. Apply daily for a week to restore the pH of your scalp. I sometimes apply Jamaican black castor oil in addition to the aloe vera gel.

Use as a prepoo treatment to infuse moisture into the hair before shampoo.
Detangle the hair with your fresh aloe vera gel and you'll thank me for that. It makes finger detangling relaxed hair quite stress free.

Lastly, mix aloe vera with your deep conditioning treatment. That's extra moisture for you!

What's your favourite Aloe Vera recipe for hair?


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