How To Choose The Best Facial Cleanser

Whether Micellar water, facial wash or facial soap, the important question is which one is best for me.
Aside consulting a beauty therapist for this help, you may want to do a trial and error test. Read about what each type of cleanser does and the skin concern they are suitable for before spending money on them. Lately, there has been the influx of cleansing balms and oils too.

Have you tried finding your skin type? Google how to do a skin type test. It's simply washing your face and allowing it to dry naturally. How your skin feels and the oil on it determines your skin type.

Each product is formulated for different purposes so know why you need that particular item.

Which is the best brand? Read reviews, ask friends and test them.
Facial washes and soaps work well but it all depends on your skin type. Try both and decide on the best on


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