How To THICKEN Already THIN Relaxed Hair

Thickening already thin relaxed hair definitely poses a difficult. The hair has undergone the damage already so how do you salvage the situation?

Try a protein treatment once in a while to strengthen the demarcation between the thin and thick parts. This will prevent breakage just as when you have new growth and the already relaxed hair.

Protect your ends to prevent further thinning. That reduces the extent of damage and how much you'll need to trim off.

Try Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil. Although the effectiveness of these oils at this point may not be noticed, applying them is said to have indeed thickened hair.
Find the cause of the thinning to avoid further damage. Be it not trimming regularly, using heat from flat irons too often and even wearing the hair out without fortifications with deep conditioning and moisturising products.

Lastly, try to protect your ends by trimming regularly. That prevents split ends too.


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