How To Do A Corrective Relaxer

What is a corrective relaxer?

Usually, when you don't get the desired texture at the end of a relaxer process, you may consider 'correcting' the under processed hair in order to have an even texture all through the hair.

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The reason corrective relaxers may help are:

1. It balances the under processed hair with the already relaxed hair. You are able to get the texture you wanted. 

2. It limits breakage from handling multiple textures. 

It's recommended you wait 6 weeks after the relaxer process to get a corrective relaxer done. The new growth will make it easier to apply the relaxer.

You begin with the new growth and then pull the relaxer through the under processed parts before washing off. 

Personally, I prefer managing the textures until the next relaxer is due then I do both corrective and regular relaxer at the same time. 

Be sure to deep condition your hair often if you plan to wait till your next relaxer appointment. 


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