How To Know If Your Hair Products Are Working?

There are no fast and easy ways to reach your hair goals though there some few things you can do to enhance length retention.

After getting the products, the next step is being able to use them to nourish your hair natural or relaxed hair.

The challenge usually comes when you can't figure out if a product is working or not.
Here are a few guidelines to help :

The outcome of your wash day should be such that you hair is soft and manageable. That's the key to a successful wash day! If you are able to style it without difficulties, you are certainly doing something right.
How do we get that outcome though?

How does your hair feel after using your shampoo? Is it dry? Is it moisturized? Does it tangle up? Does it really clean the scalp and hair? Are you able to comb after rinsing the shampoo?
If you end up with soft and clean hair, then the shampoo is OK. If you have tangles and dryness, follow immediately with conditioner or deep conditioner. When you do, does the hair become easier to handle? Soft? If Yes, then your conditioner or deep conditioner is working or is effective. If your hair feels dry, hard to comb after this step, you need to evaluate your shampoo and conditioner and decide which one to change.
If your leave in conditioner makes detangling easier, you are OK. If your hair feels dry and stiff, you need to change it. Do a step by step analysis of each stage of the wash, even at the salon.
Let's sum up in 5 steps.
Is my shampoo leaving my hair soft? Yes, keep it. No, let me add a conditioner and see.
Did my hair feel OK after the conditioner? Yes, keep the two together. No, change either the shampoo or conditioner or deep conditioner.
Did my leave in conditioner leave my hair soft and easy to detangle? Yes, keep it. No, let me change it.
Do my products contain protein? Which ones? No need for regular protein deep conditioning.

Does my hair oil leave my hair dry or soft?

Another parameter to use is to ensure that you know the ingredients you are combining. For example, if you are using a protein deep conditioner, you need to follow with a moisturising deep conditioner. Failure to do so will end in a disaster! If your shampoo and conditioner have some protein, you know your hair is getting enough so you don't need to go hard on using protein deep conditioners. I always err on the side of moisture deep conditioners than protein for it is easy to correct moisture overload than protein overload.

Another way to judge the effective of a product is to use it for at least a month to know how your hair responds to it. First time use may not be a good yardstick for measuring the effects of your products.


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