Moisture Training Your Hair

 This is a technique I've been trying to get my clients to follow for the first 6 weeks of the hair growth.

Basically, when you have extremely damaged hair, you need to focus on repairing and restoring before you focus on length. In the process of repairing, you are certainly paying attention to length retention with all the treatments and styling you do. 

How do you moisture train your hair?

First, be sure to moisturise and seal every single day! Dry and brittle hair requires constant moisture and over time, you'll notice drastic changes in the hair.

Secondly, use a moisture based deep conditioner as often as 2 times a month or weekly for the first few months you start. This will boost the moisture levels and also speed up the repair process. 

Thirdly, trim off all damaged ends. This makes styling easier and maintaining the health of the hair, a priority.

Another technique to boost moisture in the hair is the daily mist. Daily misting acts a s buffer during the day thereby ensuring that your hair retains moisture. 

Lastly, using moisture based products in your wash routine enhances moisture retention.

After a couple of weeks, you'll notice a more moisturized hair. 


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