Why Your Hair Might Still Be Breaking

When hair keeps breaking, we usually assume it's lack of moisture or lack of protein. I've seen cases where you'd do all the right things and still experience breakage. These factors may explain the cause of your breakage:

1. The hair style choice might be adding a lot of weigh or strain on your strands. After take down, this may weaken the hair and cause breakage. Elaborate hair styles tend to also cause more damage as you try to take it down. Even the way your cornrows underneath your wigs are done  may be the cause of the breakage! 

2. Not trimming: Once you set out to get healthy hair, you have to get rid of the damaged hair as soon as possible. Old, damaged hair tends to tangle up a lot causing breakage. No amount of products will restore it hence better cut it off and have healthy hair to work with.

3. Too much moisturizer can cause the hair to be fragile. Although you have to moisturise the hair as often as you can, the quantity of moisturiser shouldn't make the hair wet. Wet hair is fragile and can break off with the least manipulation.

4. Combing too often or not removing shed hair often. Our hair sheds daily - it has to! You have to detangle to take out all the shed hair to prevent knots and tangles. If you comb too often, and worse still when your hair is wet, you can expect a lot of breakage. Damp hair is easier to work with.

5. You are still doing egg treatments and diys instead of using products that can penetrate the strands. I don't have a problem with DIY (I do them) yet they shouldn't replace products that do get into the strands.

I hope these few tips will help you correct the breakage you are going through. 


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