How To Transition From Damaged To Healthy Hair (Part Three)

 When you’ve done your hair treatment for about 6 months, you can now evaluate each part of your routine.

1] Does your shampoo leave your hair dry or moisturizer? If dry, you may have to find a moisture one.

2] Does weekly conditioning or monthly conditioning work for you? 

] How often do clarify your hair ?

5] Have you seen improvement in thickness and length? 

6] Has your hair rejected any products or techniques? Have you found the cause?

7] What ingredients work for your hair? Why do they work well? Can you use that to guide you choose other products? Eg if glycerin is your leave in conditioner and your auto stays moisturizer for long periods, you can get deep conditioners with glycerin too. 

With these few guidelines, you’ll then move to the next step which is focusing on length retention ( retaining the growth you have) but also cutting off more damaged hair. 

At this point, you can try one new product or technique at a time since you have your stables already. 


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