Postpartum Hair Loss Supplements

 Postpartum hair loss is definitely one you can’t control and shouldn’t risk your baby’s life in pursuit of healthy hair. However, there are supplements to help you.

1. Pregnacare breastfeeding 

2.  Pregnacare new mum

3. New Chapter postnatal 

New Chapter Perfect Postnatal™ Multivitamin

4. Mega food baby &Me postnatal multi 

MegaFood Baby & Me 2™ Postnatal Multi

5. Nature Made Postnatal Multi+DHA

Personally, I have noticed that the lactating tea, Mother’s milk, has bitter fennel fruit, fenugreek seed, blessed thistle herb and a host of herbs that also impact the hair! My observation so far is my hair is still thicker and more hydrated, possibly from the herbs. I also have Milk easy lactating powder which contains moringa powder. I’m through with my iron supplement for now so I’m glad these herbs will keep me going. 

In case you are going through postpartum hair loss, know that it’s normal and it eventually stops.


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