How To Wash Your Own Hair

 For this weekend, I share my wash day routine and hope it helps you.
Products for Washing
 Here are the products I use on a wash day (not co-wash day):
* Deep Conditioner (DC)
*Plastic/poly Bag
*Shower Cap
*Wide Tooth comb/medium tooth comb
Steps In Washing
  1. I deep condition at the end of every month usually on early Friday mornings (for now).
  2. I part the hair into small sections using my fingers.
  3. For each section, I apply DC and secure the section with a head band.
  4. If I have to detangle, I use the DC as my detangler because it has some good slip. I detangle with my fingers first which helps to feel and get rid of knots easily. Then a wide tooth comb followed by a medium tooth comb.
  5. I then put on the poly/plastic bag and finally a shower cap. 
  6. After an hour, I wash out the DC, clarify with a shampoo, apply a conditioner and take my shower. When I am through, I rinse out the conditioner, scrunch (not rub) the hair with a t-shirt to reduce the amount of water in the hair. I then apply leave-in or Hawaiian Silky moisturizer and seal with coconut oil. That's it!
Naptural85' demonstrates detangling using a comb whilst  chery818 shows how to do finger detangling.

What is your wash day routine?



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