Sesame Seed Oil

The quest for products for Ghanaian naturals has yielded another discovery. This time, it's the Sesame Seed Oil.

Sesame oil (also known as gingelly oil or til oil) is made from pressed sesame seeds.This oil is the natural oil present in sesame seeds. Sesame seeds derive from a plant 2 to 4 feet tall that bears pods containing the seeds.It is cultivated in the northern belt of Ghana. Active ingredients: Iron, magnesium, manganese,copper, calcium, vitamin B, (thiamine) and vitamin E (tocopherol) lignans, sesamin, anti phytic acid, polyunsaturated fat.
Scalp Massages
massage your scalp and hair regularly with sesame oil.
Hair Mask
2 tbsps warm sesame oil
2 tbsps neem oil (find how to make neem oil at
Mix and massage into scalp, comb hair with wide tooth comb, wrap hair in a hot towel or cling wrap and keep on for at least 15 minutes or overnight, then shampoo out.
Dandruff Treatment
1 tbsp ginger root juice
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp lemon juice
Mix all ingredients. Apply to scalp and let dry before shampooing. Repeat three times a week.
Homemade Sesame Oil
Things You'll Need
Mortar and pestle or food processor
3 to 5 cups sesame seeds
Sealable container
Step 1
Sesame seeds can be purchased from the grain sellers in any market, Shoprite at Accra Mall.
Crush 3 to 5 cups of sesame seeds using a mortar and pestle or blend them dry in a food processor or blender.
Step 2
Fill a pot with water and boil. Put the crushed or blended sesame seeds in the pot. Watch to ensure the seeds don't burn and observe the water's surface for oil buildup.
Step 3
Remove the oil collecting at the top of the water with a spoon or ladle. This is called "skimming."
Step 4
Remove any residual water from the oil, then store in a sealable container.
The oil  can be obtained at A&C shopping mall at East Legon. Contact us if you want us to obtain it for you.




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