Natural Is Not Perfect

  1. cause of their hair choice. Remember your own days!
  2. Don't break up your friendship with your relaxed hair friends because friendship goes beyond hair choices. My best pal has relaxed hair.
  3. Never feel you're being more religious by sticking to your God-given hair texture. Religion entails your whole life. You might be natural but bleaching your skin.
  4. Being natural doesn't necessarily mean you're healthier than relaxed sisters. At least not when you still take "turkey tail" every evening.
  5. Don't consider  relaxed ladies to be product junkies all the time. You might be more of the product junkie.
  6. Don't assume being natural means spending less time on hair care. Your hair might require as much attention as a relaxed hair. 
  7. Being natural doesn't guarantee long hair. Genetics play a role in long hair
  8. You wear protective styles and use hair dyes. Relaxed sisters wear protective styles and dye their hair. 
  9. You can experience breakage and length retention problems like relaxed sisters do.
  10. You get frustrated with your hair like relaxed sisters do.       
At the end of the day, it's all about achieving our hair goals!



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