Tips On Selecting A Hair Moisturizer

Most often, new naturals (newbies) tend to get confused with terms like "moisturize" in hair care. However, this difficulty is understandable since some naturals do not make the distinction clear enough. They may also not state what they use to moisturize and how they do it.
Simply put, there are two main moisturizers and thus two ways of moisturizing. There are Oil Based moisturizers and Water Based moisturizers.

Water Based Moisturizer
  • Water is the number one ingredient on the list of ingredients.These include liquid leave-ins and products labeled as "moisturizers" which have water as the first ingredient.
  • It adds water back into the hair to keep it moisturized.  
Oil Based Moisturizer
  • Oil is the first ingredient on the list of ingredients. For example Jojoba oil, Coconut oil.
  • Used to seal in moisture: After co-washing or washing the hair, it stays wet for a while. To prevent the water from evaporating from the hair, it is best to seal it in. This is where an oil based moisturizer is needed

The core of the matter is that both moisturizers work hand in hand to protect the hair against dryness.




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