The LOC And LCO Confusion

Moisturizing and sealing is the food your hair needs to thrive and if you aren't doing it well, you'll definitely have to contend with dry and brittle hair all the time!

Over the years, there have been several techniques a lot of YouTubers have proposed to be the best. However, recent trends point to one particular method as the most effective. 

The LCO or B method

The liquid, cream, oil and butter method for 4C natural hair is an amazing combination to keep your hair moisturized and soft for long periods. The confusion is usually with how to layer each product to achieve maximum hydration.
First: You can use either watery  leave in conditioner, or water or aloe vera. I've even used rose  water as my liquid.
Then you follow with a thicker or creamy based moisturizer or leave in conditioner. You then use your oil and or butter.

Another point of confusion is with curl creams and styling gels. In the LOC method, the liquid  comes in and then the oil. You then follow with curl cream or smoothie or styling gel to style your hair.

The the question of styling creams in the LCO method. If you use the LCO method, you can still use styling gel or creams after your oil. I tried a braid out using the LCO method  and the oil really helped prevent the gel from getting crunchy so the braid out really looked great.

What method works for you?


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