How To Fix Moisture Overload

I know everyone talks about moisture and that's a good thing yet too much of everything is bad. This is equally applicable to the use of moisture without balancing with protein.

When your hair has too much moisture, it feels limp and mushy and even breakage! Your moisture overload may not be due to moisture mask but rather the other moisture based products eg shampoo, leave in conditioner and even moisturizers. The last time I experienced taught me quite a couple of lessons.
1] Use protein once in a while to strengthen the hair. Don't wait till your experience breakage.
2] You don't need to use hard protein to reset. A little protein like mayonnaise can create the balance you need.
3] A quicker fix is to switch to protein moisturizer or leave in conditioner because you'll use these daily. 

Just as with protein overload, you'll need to use the protein treatment for a couple of weeks. 

Hope this helps you! 


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