From Thin To Thick Natural Hair

How do you get thick natural hair? 

1. Genetic factors: If you have fine strands or thin hair, one way to boost the thickness is with collagen, biotin and MSM. These work from within our bodies thereby promoting the overall health of our hair. You should also get some blood work done to eliminate other health conditions that may be causing the hair loss. 

2. Ayurveda herbs like henna, Brahmi, Ashwagandha can help thicken your hair. They don't give instant results, you need to consistently use them to get the results you want. These can be infused in your growth oils like Jamaican black castor oil. You can prepare hair mist and even mask with these herbs!

3. How you detangle your hair: There are several techniques in detangling natural hair. You'll need to find the one that works best for you. Whilst others prefer running water for detangling, some opt for conditioner or oil. 

4. Your styling tools: The tools eg fine tooth comb can use severe breakage leading to thin strands and not stretching properly can cause knots and tangles which also sets you back. 

5. Herbal teas: If you aren't a fan of vitamins, teas are a great option. From fenugreek to green tea, your hair will definitely get the benefits. 


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