7 Ways To Increase Length Retention

Length retention basically refers to the ability to retain the growth you get. It's easy to increase hair growth but retaining that growth takes effort. 

1. Allow your hair to rest: When you take down your hair from extensions, allow your hair to breathe for some days before jumping into the next style. 

2. Be consistent in moisturizing and sealing: once your hair is moisturised, there won't be breakage and you'll retain the length. 

3. Protect the ends and that means keep them off your shoulders. This will prevent the ends from rubbing on your shirt or dress thereby minimizing breakage. 

4. Minimize wash day setbacks: This includes trying not to do every treatment in one wash. 

5. Trim ends on time so you won't have to cut off large amounts due to severe split ends or thin ends. 

6. If you have natural hair, keep the hair in stretched styles to minimize knots and tangles.

7. Find a detangling method that works for you and stick with it! 


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