Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Leave In

Full name:  Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream. Price : 35-45 depending on the store (ghanaianemprezz shop:call 0541458372) How I use it: After air drying: I use it on 70% dry hair Before roller setting: Apply it after rinsing out deep conditioner and before roller set Moisturizer: Use it on totally dry hair and seal with oil sometimes at night and others, morning. Leave in treatment: Apply on dry hair, cover with shower cap overnight. Likes: Description Ingredients: Directions : Great SMELL!!! I love the smell of this product; not too strong and not so mild too.  Very moisturizing: my hair responded so well to it the first time I used it which was at the salon; it got my stylist to request for on!! On nights I use it for Green House Effect, I woke up with very soft, moisturized hair! Thickness: Not too thick, creamy so you don't have to worry about it pouring away in your back:)  A little goes a long way even tho

Product Review: One Step Leave In

  Full name : One Step Corrective Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner Cost : 8gh Cosmetic shops What it claims : One Step Corrective Nourishing Leave-in Conditioner is a must leave in styling conditioner for natural and chemically treated hair. This is multi-action formula leaves hair softer, easy to comb, smoother cuticles, stronger and vibrant. It repairs hair where needed most, leaving it healthy looking, shiny and manageable. Directions : for daily use- pour a generous amount into palm, rub hands together and work from roots to ends, style as desired. After shampooing, relaxing, or colouring-towel dry hair and apply a generous amount to wet hair. comb through. Do not rinse out. Ingredients: (first five) water, gylcerin, olive oil, mineral oil, polyquaternum-32 etc How I use it when moisturizing, daily or once every two days, I apply it to dry hair and seal with my oils After washing the hair, I apply it as a leave in to either wet hair if am at the salon or semi dry hair

Create A Hair Band With A Scarf

If you are a millennial, there is the tendency not to understand the intricacies of a head scarf in your mom's stash of clothing LOL. For us, we've been privileged to see our mothers and grandmothers adorn their hair with scarves for church and funerals. In fact, my granny insists on wearing a scarf to any funeral ground. But do you know that what we've looked down on all these years has become a great hair accessory for ladies abroad ? That's what happens when we are so clued to the so-called modern trends and fashion! The scarf you look down on can save your hair on bad hair days, it can add a new dimension to your styling routine and also make you stand out. So, how do you use your scarf? Here's a fabulous hair scarf tutorial from  CoCogLam22 . I'm most certainly turning my scarves into hair bands! Enjoy!

10-Co-Washing Problems (10): When Do You Stop Co-washing?

This is the last of the the "10-Co-washing problems series" though that doesn't exhaust other problems that come with conditioner wash. For me, I haven't ceased co-washing; I do it when I feel the need for it though not as regular as when I visited the gym daily. Also, when I had protein overload from using a protein based conditioner for co-washing, I simply quit using it and switched to a moisturizing conditioner. The only time you may have to stop co-washing is if you catch cold as a result of it! see previous posts below! 1.  Does Your Hair Needs Co-Washing? 2.  What Type of Conditioner To Use 3.  Should You Do Pure Co-Washing? 4.  When And How Often To Co-Wash? 5.  How Do You Dry Your Hair After Co-Washing? 6.  What Style To Wear After Co-Washing 7.  Dealing With Damp Hair In The Morning 8.  Sleeping With Wet Hair 9.   The Case of Build Up

10 Co-Washing Problems (9): The Case Of Build Up!

--> Co-washing is fun until you realize your hair doesn't absorb products or the products just sit on the surface of the hair! Other times, the hair feels weighed down and no product seems to help! After co-washing for a while, the conditioners tend to leave residues on the hair! How?  According to JC of thenaturalhavenbloom , h air carries a slight negative charge which is enhanced when you use a shampoo with a negative charge. Hair will adsorb the conditioner better because the positive charge in the conditioner is attracted to the negative charge on the surface of hair . Also,m ost ingredients in hair conditioner attach to the surface of hair Based on this, I believe that the ingredients in c onditioners, in the process of moisturizing, , repairing damage, smoothing cuticles will continue to pill up on the surface of the hair.

10 Co-Washing Problems (8): Issues With Sleeping With Wet Hair

--> Sometimes, going to bed with the damp hair becomes the last option. However, it comes with its some complications. Wet pillows can make sleeping uncomfortable if you are the pillow type You might be inconveniencing your partner if your hair is not in a satin cap and you rather use a satin pillow case; there is the tendency of your partner coming into contact with the hair which is not comfortable!! experience. On your part, you may catch cold- I have seen several bloggers complain about this.  The possible solution is to co-wash early enough to give the hair more time to dry. If all fails, then, you may have to quit co-washing . Your health is more important. How do you deal with wet hair for bed?

My Facial Care Starter Pack!

Since leaving undergrad about 5 years ago, I've been battling with acne, dark spots and rough skin on the face. I've become more conscious about how  other ladies  are diversifying their focus by taking care of the whole body. Now that I've had a better workout schedule, I've done some reading on handling facial issues and have taken steps to implement a basic skin care routine to obtain the "perfect " face I want. Upon scanning through my stuff, I, actually, had basic skin care products but just wasn't utilizing them at all or appropriately!

10 Co-Washing Problems (7): What If Your Hair Is Damp After Morning?

A major concern for those who co-wash at night is that of damp hair in the morning and what to do with it. I find that I can do a roll and tuck on damp hair so l get to be fly! I can also get away with a pompadour plus bun style, a simple bun or ponytail or as a last resort, blow dry on cool. With this our sunshine,  I could have four twists in my head which will dry up by the time I finish preparing for work if I step out two or three times. However, if you don’t want any of this, wigs might be your friend; keeps the moisture in the hair anyway. I know that Green house effect also gives a similar problem in the mornings. Here are what you've missed! 10 Co-Washing Problems: (1) Does your hair really need co-washing? 10 Co-Washing Problems : (2) What Type Of Conditioner To Use? 10 Co-Washing Problems: (3) Should You Do "Pure" Co-Washing? 10 Co-Washing Problems: (4) When And How Often To Co-wash? 10 Co-Washing Problems (6):What Style Can You Wear After Co

10 Co-Washing Problems (6):What Style Can You Wear After Co-washing?

--> What style to wear after conditioner washing is dependent on your schedule. If you have the morning to yourself, you can do a braid or twist for braidout or twist out .  I've been wearing braid outs a lot these days.

10 Co-Washing Problem (5): How Do You Dry Hair After Co-washing?

--> Ok,  after co-washing what next?  If you are co-washing in the night, then, you may have to Use a hooded dryer if you have one Blow dry on cool setting Use a T-shirt to wrap the hair and go to bed. By morning, the shirt would have absorbed all the excess water in the hair. Air dry till bed time Hooded dryer  for roller set or dry under it before bed time.

Pre-Poos: A different Perspective

--> I was reading on Pre-Poos by    Temitayo Giwa  on letsgrownaijahair . com  (See post here )  and something caught my attention.  It's the word DRENCH which the Merriam Webster online dictionary defines as to wet thoroughly (as by immersing or   soaking in a liquid). When I saw that word, I pondered over my Pre-poos and whether I've been drenching my hair properly with the oils. So, during  one of my co-washing, I saturated my hair with sheabutter and went under the dryer.  Just then, another idea crossed my mind. Why not check to see if the oil has sunk deep into the strands or just sitting on the hair. Well, some of the oil was still on the surface after 10 minutes! I recalled how you have to stir your sugar into your beverage to ensure that the sugar dissolved well; I ran my hands through the hair, massaging the oil into it again.  The end results were awesome!!  I decided to share this with you so you get full benefits of Pre-Poos. What do you think?

10 Co-Washing Problems: (4) When And How Often To Co-wash?

--> Today, we look at the issue of how much is too much? How many times can you co-wash in a week or month or even daily? There are three angles to this stumbling block: The amount of time you have at your disposal How much conditioner you have How clean you want your scalp

Product Review: Vatika Coconut Oil

It's finally here! I talk about the consistency (thickness), smell, how I use it and the results I get from it plus whether I'd continue using it or not! Don't forget to subscribe, comment, share for more videos!! What are your thoughts? Emprezz

10 Co-Washing Problems: (3) Should You Do "Pure" Co-Washing?

 You've got your conditioner and you are ready to start using it for washing.  The problem is, "do you have to do pre-poo before Co-Wash  or DC after Co-wash?", do you do tea rinses/apple cider vinegar rinses after co-washing? or would the wash be solely just a conditioner wash?

10 Co-Washing Problems : (2) What Type Of Conditioner To Use?

--> (Click  here for problem 1  ) On to another tedious and serious decision making in embarking on co-washing; whether to use a protein conditioner or moisturizing conditioner! :( My experience with conditioners have taught me to have a balance of the two. If you want to use protein conditioners, then, your wash day should have more moisture based products to prevent protein overload. If you choose to use only protein conditioners, then, you have to constantly have moisturizing products.