3 Subtle Causes Of Hair Breakage

When we talk about hair breakage,  one of the things we do is to stay away from combs and heating tools. However,  there are subtle causes of hair breakage that need to be addressed.


The first is your nails. When your nails are broken, it can snag your hair casting breakage. Little snags here and there will in due time become visible damage. Trim or file the ends of your nails before washing your hair.

The second subtle cause of hair breakage is your moisturizing and seeing technique. Most often,  moisturizing and sealing in sections is key to preventing breakage. However,  care needs to be taken when sectioning the hair,  either with combs or fingers as the process itself can cause breakage. If you run your ends vigorously in the name of getting the hair to absorb products, you are creating room for broken ends.

The last one is how you sleep. If you toss and turn like me,  then,  take measures to ensure your hair is in a satin cap,  loosely twisted or bunned. When you cover with the cap,  the hair underneath can still move around and that can be a huge source of concern regarding breakage.

How do you prevent hair breakage?


  1. Patricia10:54 am

    Thank you dear

  2. Eish true oo....during the M&S routine i have to watch out thanks

  3. My sisters say how I sleep tho. I think it could be that lol. Thanks for the tips


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