Tampons Or Pads?

Growing up as a girl in Ghana,  the only thing I knew was Sanitary  pads.

Pads have been part of us for ages and if one were to pop in the backyard shop,  you can easily pick up a pad. However,  tampons are a different story.

After suffering from leaks for all these years,  I decided to take the plunge and try tampons! My verdict? Where have these been all these years? I mean pads are cool but tampons, for me are awesome! Let's look at the pros and Cons of both.

Depending on your flow,  a minimum of two packs are enough. Yazz and Forever Easy come with 12 pieces of 6 large and 6 small for heavy and light flows. For me, I could use 3 packs!

Pads are easily accessible. You can get one anywhere,  anytime which makes it more convenient.

Leaking is a huge headache with pads and worse for me is having to sit down. The number of checks we do when we get stand up is hilarious sometimes. You may need to change pants more often as a result of leaks which means more washing. I never enjoy that.

You get to measure and see your flow with pads. It's easy to know if your flow is normal or not. Pads are easy to remove and replace and so I say more hygienic in this regard.

With pads,  you are more alert about your flow so you won't forget to change. After delivery, Sanitary pads are definitely the way to go for comfort down there.

Lastly,  travelling in pads is a huge headache,  at least for me. Each vacation,I always prayed that I got to go home when the flow is over else I wait.

I'll talk about tampons in the next post.
Which one do you use?


  1. I tend to use pads. I feel you on the leaks. It isn't fun especially when your sleeping. Always recently redesigned their pads so it's similar to the foreign ones. I don't get as many leaks with them. Have you tried menstrual cups?

  2. abena9:46 am

    I haven't seen menstrual caps here. Always doesn't work for me. I leak all the time with them. I may try the new one and see.

  3. Pads are for me. Haven't even seen a tampon close up before. Lol. The leaks tho. Haven't ever considered tampons mainly because of the availability.

  4. Angela Quaye8:48 pm

    I use pads. I haven't tried tampon. I used to have leaks a lot. But now all i do is to change often and I'm ok.

  5. abena9:25 pm

    Good for you. Changing is a hassle for me especially when teaching

  6. Which shop sells tampons in Gh ? Not seen some around.

  7. East cantonment pharmacy

  8. hello can I buy a tampon


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