Wash Day With Sheamoisture Superfruit

When you are 5 weeks post relaxer and your hair turns out great after wash, you can definitely appreciate the products that made it possible and in my case,  it's the Sheamoisture Products.

First,  I'd wanted to pick up the Sheamoisture Superfruit 10-in-1 renewal system but my girl picked up the conditioner instead of shampoo. I can't blame her because both have the same look. What turned out to  be a mistake, it's a blessing!

When I took the Superfruit, I thought it was a shampoo till I read the package. However,  I couldn't do anything about it so
I shampooed once with diluted Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo.
This was the moment of truth; I've not tried any Sheamoisture conditioner before so I was quite worried about a wrong outcome. I took the plunge and applied the conditioner. Aside smiling,  I was just like '' oh'' and '' wow''. The conditioner worked wonders. It's very thick,  has slip and not strong scented. I was sold! I combed through the hair whilst the conditioner was in it -  I haven't done this in 4 years due to the breakage I get when I do it. The comb simply glided through the hair.

I left it on for about 5 minutes,  dried hair a bit and touched my hair. I don't remember my hair feeling extremely soft and smooth in ages!


My fear of Sheamoisture conditioners was due to the not so good reviews I'd seen. Now, though,  I can't wait to try other conditioners. In fact,  I'll purchase more when I can because I Co wash mid week and being a sulfate free conditioner,  I won't have issues with it.

I applied kinky curly knot today leave in and chi silk infusion and allowed to airdry for some minutes before blow drying.


Will this be a weekly thing? It could be. I really like the results and to be able to blow dry on cool when I co wash is also ok with me until I can do wet buns. I'm reluctant to do co washes mid week due to puffy hair the next morning.

How as your wash day?


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