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Nightly Green House Effect To Heal Scalp

I'm doing just 30 days of continuous green house effect using Jamaican Black Castor Oil undiluted.

Today, 13th March is day 1. Wait. Why green house effect.

Green house effect uses the body's own heat to create moisture in the hair and on the scalp. Castor Oil aids in restoring pH of the scalp hence using it together with the body heat is a great way to restore moisture to the hair as well as nourish the scalp. When the Emu oil arrives, I'll switch to that for the rest of the challenge.

The green house effect therefore together with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil will be good but emu oil has a composition similar to our sebum hence based on that assumption, using emu oil will yield more effective results. After 30 days, I will review the two oils and determine how the scalp felt with either of them.
Stay tuned to some interesting findings and updates.

Wash Day With Rice Water

This is the second batch of rice water but this time, leaving the rice in water for 7 days gave it a horrible smell but I'll still use it up. I have enough for 2 whole months. The next batch though, I'll stick to the recommended 3 days of fermentation.
I'm on the 2nd bottle of the curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins. I'm impressed with the progress so far. However, there's a difference in taste. The first bottle was the new and improved version which tasted heavenly. The second bottle though, also tasty, doesn't match up to the first. I should be done by 15th of this month and use the remaining 15 days to complete the mane choice vitamins I had. After which I can probably continue with my prenatal vitamins again. The washI shampooed once with the last bit of beauty formulas tea tree deep cleansing shampoo and then poured the rice water on the hair. I immediately added the aphogee Balancing Moisturizer to the hair to mask the smell.I rinsed off afte…

3 Natural Hair Goals for March to May

Since I'll be wearing my natural hair ie no wigs, I'm pushing for consistency in my regimen.

The heat got my scratching my hair due to the wig so that's out of the equation. I wore my hair to work and I guess people are so immune to my short hair so no comment this time.

I do know that I want to wear my natural hair more often and possibly do away with braids and weaves. I'll keep taking the curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins for 2 more weeks and then possibly try this new vitamin on the market.

Have you tried this yet?
In addition, I still use the Jamaican Black Castor Oil and the ESO scalp oil. The new thing is the rice water rinse. The 3 hair goals are:
1. Achieve at least 3 inches of growth.
2. Use up 3 more hair products
3. Be consistent water intake. These days I've been so busy that it's hard drinking more water so I've made a conscious effort to fill my water bottle whether it's empty or not to motivate me drink more throughout …

Curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Final Review

This is the last week of the curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins and frankly speaking, I'm extremely glad.Why? The breakout is just annoying. I have about 4 to 5 bumps on my face and it's all because of the 2000mcg biotin.Aside that, I enjoyed the vitamins more with water than taking it on its own. I'm not surprised about the break out considering that I now know my body can't tolerate biotin above 1000mcg.
As for growth, it scores 100 💯 because I had a lot of growth despite the 2 hair cuts I've had due to the Scalp issues. On the whole, it was worth trying. I could have reduced the dose to curb the break out but i wanted to see the full blown impact. If I have to take another bottle, I will surely take  1/2 of the recommended dosage and hope to see the same results.On this note, I look forward to the 2 weeks of mane choice vitamins I'll be clearing. Let's see how it goes. I'll begin that on 23rd to give my body some days to clear the resi…

Curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins Week 3

In as much as the old batch of curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins doesn't taste like the new one, I've been able to do one week. That adds up to 3 weeks so far. It's been  a long time Lol. At this point, I know I have seen some good growth and I'm sure by week 4 , I'll be able to see visible improvement in thickness too because I feel it already when I massage the scalp.I should be done by 15th of March and then finish up the mane choice vitamins I have. That means after March. I'll take the natrol hsn for 2 months and then we'll which one I'll use again. I'm so tempted to take natrol biotin 10000mcg but I'm reluctant because my body can't tolerate anything beyond 1000mcg so we'll see.I intend to go vitamin free when I have ear length so for now, I'll use the vitamins to help hit that goal by the July or earlier. I'll share the final comparison pictures next week so stay tuned. What is your  current favorite hair v…

Hair Update #5

I used the good old ABC relaxer to get back to my growth journey to long relaxed hair again.

First, I shampooed 2x with ORS aloe shampoo and another shampooing with Tresemme shampoo.

I used Pantene Pro V ampoule for protein treatment and used the aphogee Balancing Moisturizer for moisture deep treatment.

I sealed the hair with Jamaican Black Castor Oil.
My bald spot has fully grown back now. I'm in a wig and will continue for a long while. I just don't feel like touching my hair daily. I'll give more updates soon.

Curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Week 1

It's been a week already with the curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins and I must say, I enjoy drinking it Lol.

I take it around 5pm each day but there was a day I took it 2x because I forgot I'd taken it in the morning because I was home.

I noticed a few bumps and got scared because I know my body can only tolerate 1000mcg biotin and the Blissful Length has 2000mcg. However, I just used a mud clay to detox my skin and all the excess sebum were subdued.

Increase hair Growth? Yessss!!!!! I won't share a picture yet though but just one week after my hair cut, I notice a visible change in the thickness of the hair which means it's growing in. The more growth, the more your TWA will be thicker not not longer.

I have a second bottle so I'll share pictures after week 2 and then to weeks 3 and 4.
I'm super excited about this.

Achieving Maximum Hydration on 4c Hair

4C natural hair is easy to manage if you know what to use and how to hydrate it hence that's what I've started doing.

As the hair grows out, the ends will need extra attention to prevent knots and tangles. The first step is acknowledging that my 4c hair is easy to maintain. This mindset will go a long way to help me enjoy me journey.

Misting the hair 2x a day even without applying oil. The hair mist has enough oil so that's not a problem.

The small growth will take a while to get hydrated but once that's done, you can imagine how easy it will be to keep the hair moisturized.

The second measure I've taken is wetting the hair whenever under the shower. I sometimes use just a little bit of oil afterwards to seal.

These 2 techniques have already began yielding results and it's great to comb the hair easily.

I'll be wearing a short wig for the rest of the year whenever I'm going to work. Why? I just don't want to manipulate my hair to increase length…

DIY Biotin Leave In Conditioner

I'm really in the hair growth mode so I decided to put the biotin tablets to another use since I won't be taking them any time soon.

I crushed about 10 tablets and mixed it with small water, stirred and poured it into my leave in mixture. I just pour a bit on my palm and massage on the hair before using my ESO scalp oil.

I'll use this mixture daily until it runs out. I know I may not see growth but I'll take the thickness any day.

My Current Hair Products (2018)

I've not purchased a lot of products because I want to use up what I have.
Here's a video covering all the products in my stash.

Curls Blissful Length Liquid Hair Growth Vitamins Day 1 Review

I guess you are also as curious as some readers who want to know what happened after taking the liquid vitamins.

Well, nothing spectacular happened! I didn't feel nauseous whatsoever. In fact, it was the most delicious supplement I've ever tasted.

Today, I'll take it around 5pm and will keep at the same time each day.

My Hair
It's been 2 weeks since my big chop and although the hair looks thin, there's certainly an improvement over the past few weeks. I expect these vitamins to thicken up the empty patches Lol.
Watch the video for more details

Curls Blueberry Bliss Liquid Hair Vitamins

When you are determined like me to grow the hair out to fill in the Bald Spot, you can imagine the excitement of seeing a bottle of this Curls blueberry bliss liquid vitamins!!

The bottle goes for 110gh and you can get one by calling or whatsapp 0502417454 to order.
I'll be taking this from now till end of February and another bottle to make up for the 30 days. I'm still uncertain about how my body will fare with it it I'm hoping for good growth or even thickness.

I've noticed my growth has slowed down drastically since I went off the hair vitamins although thickness seems to be good.

Catch the video for details.

Growing A Bald Spot; 7 Days Later

After cutting off my hair to treat the Bald Spot caused by the unfortunate hair glue incident, I've been diligent with using the ESO scalp oil and  1000mcg biotin plus prenatal vitamins.
Here's the amazing result!
My hair will get fuller and longer again very soon. I'll be Co washing as often as I can to get the hair looking fresh all the time. At this point, I know I want it relaxed but just getting the patch filled is the concern now.Ill be back with week 2 update.

5 Things To Grow My Natural Hair Fast

Because the Bald patch is my main focus, I'm looking at using a few things to speed up growth within 4 weeks so that are covers up. Aside that, I'm ok with any growth I get later Lol.Today is day 3 after the cut and here's how far I've come. 
Technically, I'm 2 Weeks Post Relaxer so that's another 4 weeks to do to gain some few inches. 1. Use the rice water rinses twice a week. I have enough for this week so I've soaked more in water for the next few days to ferment. 2. Apply ESO scalp oil daily. ESO has a variety of natural oils and Sulphur so I'm good there. 
3. Take 1000mcg vitacost biotin alongside my prenatal vitamins. Prenatals are mainly for the folate and iron so the biotin will boost the growth  as my body gets good with the prenatal. 4. Use emu oil and vitamin E oil in April (by then it would have arrived? Emu oil has a composition similar to sebum hence it will great for healing the scalp. In addition, I'll be song Jamaican Black Castor Oil…

The Most Horrid Experience For me

Something unfunfortunat has caused me a major hair setback and it's so terrible that I am still in shock.

watch the video Hair Horror Story

January Week 4 Hair Growth

I've switched to the prenatal vitamin so my growth now is dependent on how I treat my hair.

My hair grows regardless of what I take; what matters is the way I cleanse and treat the hair.
Over the weekend, I used the aztec Indian Healing Clay to detox my hair and scalp. That was an amazing experience and as a result, I'll be using the bentonite clay once a month to ensure a clean scalp and alternate it with the ORS aloe creamy shampoo.

I'll be using hiar serums too to facilitate moisture retention too. As for deep conditioners, I have 3 to use up and I'll be incorporating more to allow my hair flourish.

I'll be back with the wash routine video during the week. 
I have to be frank and say that I'm nervous about not using hair growth vitamins like I psyched myself to do Lol.

How's your hair?

Curly Weave on or Sew In Allergy

I switched to a new hair dresser and she managed to fix a weave for me. 

The hair style didn't take long to install and I'm glad I got a new person to do my hair. Sometimes, familiarity indeed breeds contempt.
This stylist just got me snatched and I loved it. 

After about a week, my scalp began to itch and I didn't know why. The itching got worse and I had to take down the weave. That's when I saw the extent of the reaction. I couldn't touch my hair nor scalp until the next morning.

1. Shampooed with tea tree shampoo and butterflygh shampoo as both have essential oils to soothe the scalp. 
2. Conditioned with VO5 conditioner and rinsed out. 
3. Massaged the scalp with ESO scalp oil. 

Next day, I did a hair rinse with guava water and applied the scalp oil again. I covered with conditioning cap and slept with it. 

Next day, the itching was slightly better so I did another rinse and oiled the scalp again. This is the worse reaction I've ever had!

I'll be using fresh al…

Manetabolism Plus Hair Vitamins Week 1 Of 24

We are already done with week 1 of the New Year and for me, that's 1 week of thedges 24 weeks of mane choice manetabolism Plus.

No break out yet. I take 2 a day as directed, drink as much water as I can and eat as much as I can.

The first change is thickness. I'm hoping it continues until the challenge is over. For week 2, I'm expecting more thickness. I know it might probably take 6 to 12 weeks to see length but I'm all for thickness too. When the hair is fuller, styling is fun than sparse hair Lol.

I don't expect any pimples popping out so I'm relaxed about that. My acne is usually from stress and not cleansing the face frequently. My serum production increases when I take biotin supplements hence I need to up the facial routine too.

I haven't had any increase in appetite nor weight. This year, I'm looking at ways of increasing my metabolism so I've cut back on some foods. As soon as I resume teaching, I'll be taking more fruits for lu…

6 Inches in 6 Months with Mane Choice Vitamins

The road to achieving the hair goals isn't going to be smooth sailing but I want to maximize growth as well as retention with mane choice vitamins for the next 6 months.

Why 6 months? The average growth I get is 1/2 an inch a month or even less sometimes. If the manetabolism vitamins works as I believe it to be, I should get at least an inch each month. By end of June,  I'm hoping to gain 6 inches give or take.

Watch the video for details

1st Day of 2018

As we have bid farewell to 2017, I have a smile on my face because I'm looking forward to another awesome year. I know last year was of random posts obviously because I have short hair.

I'm smiling despite the struggles I had especially in my business as finances. I've learnt a lot from these experiences and i hope not to repeat such mistakes in 2018.

As I bid adieu to 2017, I want to walk into 2018 with faith and most importantly trusting God and in my own capabilities. The confidence to achieve at least 3 goals before I turn 33 and the energy to stay afloat in every storm.

I bid goodbye to all its failures and shattered dreams, its aches and pains and insurmountable barriers.

I say fare thee well 2017, you were one of the best years of my life. You thought me to think outside the box and take a leap of faith in so many things. I went into 2017 with two goals and though none came to fruition, I got something worth more than those goals. I got experience and knowledge t…