Has it? Well if your answer was a resounding YES, I’m afraid you couldn’t be more wrong. Hair actually never ‘stops’ growing. The problem is that, you're losing hair (through shedding / breaking) at the same rate that your hair grows. What you’re experiencing is known in the hair world as a hair growth plateau.

A growth plateau is when, due to breakage /shedding, your hair doesn’t retain length as it grows out, giving the impression that your hair isn’t growing. If you believe you’ve hit a growth plateau, here are some tips to increase length retention.


No I don’t hate you lol. Most likely, you’re shedding more than you originally should. This could be as a result of split ends that have travelled up your hair shaft. It could also be because your hair is knotted at the ends and thus, when you detangle/comb, innocent hairs follow the shed ones. A trim basically is saying ‘let’s start afresh’, where you’ll have fuller, knot & split free ends. This can do wonders for you in terms of length retention.


Beauty comes from within we usually hear. It’s been studied as well, that things (medication/foods) work faster when ingested. Everything you eat shows on your skin, hair and nails. Watch your diet. Check if you’re deficient in some vitamins/minerals and adjust your diet accordingly. This could reap many benefits.


As our hair grows, its needs tend to change. It may need more or less of protein/moisture/washing. Study your hair. Does it feel the same as it did when you started that particular regimen? Take note of everything. You may find that you’ll need to switch up something in your regimen. Maybe throw in an extra hot oil treatment or acv rinse.


Yes! These may also be a culprit. It could be a new or old product. Make mental notes of your products you use. Have you started using a new conditioner? Does your dc make your hair feel the same way it did like the first time?

Experiencing a growth plateau? Now you know what you can do to curb it! In any case however, consider the health of your hair over the length. Health ultimately leads to length trust me on that. 

Thanks for your time! Leave a comment, maybe 2 lol. Join our fora too! Till the next one!

                                                Kuukua (Shantays)


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