Products For Moisturizing and Sealing

We know moisturizing and sealing is crucial to the success of our hair journey. What are the products to use though aside the oils and pomade? 

1. Leave in conditioner : Whether water based or creamy leave in, they provide the moisture needed.

2. Hair Mist: An example is the Cantu hair mist. These are also great products you can use to moisturize. They are best paired with creamy moisturizers or leave in conditioners. 

3. Hair moisturizers: These fall into two categories. Water based ones like S curl no drip moisturizer and Hawaiian silky moisturizer also get the job done. However, oil moisturizers are best used after a moisture based leave in. You still need to follow with a butter after using oil moisturizers because moisturizing oils penetrate the strands which might leave the hair dry in a short period of time. 

4. Hair milk such as Mielle Organics hair milk definitely helps to keep your hair moisturized.

5. Hair lotions: These fall into two categories; the oil lotions and water based lotions.

I find the oil moisturizing lotions to be ok to use on their own. However, a little water based leave in or hair mist allows for better absorption. 
Water based lotions like the mega growth lotion are good to use on their own without prior moisture. 

You may choose to combine them in your regimen for optimum results. 


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