Henna and Indigo Hair Dye Treatment

I contemplated doing either a henna dye or henna and indigo for black dye. At the end, which one won?

The Henna Mix
I used about half pack henna, added hot water and 4 tops of the apple cider vinegar to the mix in a plastic bowl. I stirred till all the lumps had been smashed!

2. I covered the henna mix with a lid and allowed it to sit till next day. Early in the morning, I applied the henna and covered with a poly bag and a shower cap.
3. Next, I applied the henna  on dry hair to prevent the treatment from dripping all over. 

4. I sectioned the hair into 4 parts and clipped each section. 
5. To apply, I resectioned each part for easy application. 

I began from the back and worked my way up.
The application process took about 20 minutes.
I applied to each section twice for full coverage. I paid attention to the ends to prevent tangles too

After the application, I covered with two shower caps. I allowed the henna treatment to sit for 4 hours. 

I used about half a bucket of water to rinse off.

After rinsing, I had this almost reddish colour. 

For the indigo, I added hot water and applied it. 

I left this for another 3 hours.

I air dried and called it a night! 
Note: I had left over particles from the henna smand indigo in the hair. 
I wasn't expecting such vibrant dark colour and I'm happy I have overcome my fear of henna. When I rinsed out the henna, I was tempted to leave the hair like that. I loved the colour. Therefore, I may become a henna hair should I choose not to do black again. 

I deep conditione the next day with mega growth deep conditioner and OGX Moroccan argan mask, covered with shopping bag and satin lined shower cap for 30 minutes. I air dried again and left the hair in a bonnet at night. 
To moisturize, I went for thr usual difeel ultra growth leave in conditioner and Jamaican black castor oil. 
I love the strengthening effect of the treatment too. 

The whole process took about 10 hours. If you want to do it at the salon, do the mixture and take it to be applied for you. 

PS: You can visit @emprezzglamhub on Instagram for your Ayurveda herbs. 


  1. Is it a protein treatment?

    1. It's not really a protein treatment.

  2. Pls.so the indigo darkens hair unlike the henna right?

  3. Please the point 2 and 3 seems a bit confusing to me.in the point 2 u said you applied the Henna the next morning and covered it with a poly bag and again in point 3 you applied it on a dry hair.
    So please did you do the application twice?


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