4 Weeks Post Relaxer Wash Day

This is one wash I didn't plan to do but my hair was just absolutely stiff and I didn't want any breakage.

Prepoo: Applied creme of nature plex bond mender and followed with Jamaican black castor oil.

Shampoo: I used ORS aloe shampoo for deep cleansing. Rinsed and T shirt dried for a few minutes and applied conditioner. The drying is to reduce the water content so the conditioner can penetrate the hair better.

Conditioner: John Frieda anti frizz conditioner. Risned out and T shirt dried for about 10 minutes. 

Leave in conditioner: I used the Difeel Ultra growth leave in conditioner with Doo gro leave in treatment.

Air dried in a bun.

I don't like washing my own hair but at this point, I can't visit the salon very often so I'm managing it on my own.
The new growth is still manageable too.
My chief concern now is to use up every oil that's been in my caninet for more than a year. I'll mostly prepoo with it.
For the next couple of washes, I'll be using such oil mixtures, infused with Tulsi powder. 


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