What Is The Best Protective Style For Your Hair?

There is so much hype about protective styling as well as misconceptions about it. 

We have unique genetic make up, texture, strands, density and live in different environment. What will work for me might not work for you. However, there is one particular style that works so well for both natural and relaxed hair. I've seen a lot of YouTubers and bloggers who hardly use extensions yet are able to retain length.

Today's post is dedicated to hair buns! I always advise those beginning their hair journey to fall on this protective style for many reasons

*Access to your hair and scalp daily
*Moisturizing is easier
*Less damage to edges
*Ability to practice and use different techniques.
*Cost effective
*Requires less time and effort

Another observation is those who use extensions are mainly those who've mastered their routines and know the CORRECT way to use these extensions, especially wigs! Therefore, if you've just started your hair journey, go easy on extensions!

When you wear buns, it allows you to also play around with your wash day. You are able to use a variety of products and techniques since you have access to your hair and scalp.

Lastly, buns still keep your ends protected hence you still retain so much length!

Give buns a try! 


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