The Ordinary Hair Oils

The Ordinary is hyped for the wide range of skin care products but aside the multi peptide hair  serum, the do you know there are oils you can use in your hair?

The Ordinary Marula Oil 
The Marula oil has a light consistency and absorbs when used on the skin. On the bottle, it can be used as a hair oil too! I'd suggest you use it as a leave on product for sealing in order to trap all the goodness it has to offer!

Squalene and Hemi Squalene Oils
I, absolutely, adore the Hemi squalene oil as a face oil and even better as a hair oil. These two are great If you have fine strands or thin relaxed hair as they won't weigh down the hair. 

The other oils you can use are the chia seed, Moroccan Argan oil and the rosehip oil.

The borage oil is the one oil I'd stay away from. It has a a nauseating smell that doesn't leave your hair even when you use as a prepoo treatment during washing! It's as strong as cod liver oil and that's not something I can tolerate. 

Hyaluronic Acid 
I've been adding this to my moisturising step as a second step. I use water, apply the hyaluronic acid and then follow with a bit of moisturiser and oil. It really helps to draw moisture into the hair like glycerin. 

Have you used any of these oils? How do you use them? 

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