Do A "SuSu" For Your Hair

We can get stuck up in old habits that seem proper. We still sleep on cotton pillow cases, don't tie our heads in satin scarfs or use cheap conditioners that end up aggravating our hair problems.
I'ts true that the economy is "hard" but can we at least save some of the money we spend on scratch cards?
By the end of the month, with as little as 5 Gh, we can afford products like:
1. a good conditioner (with 5 Gh, you can get an Optimum or ReFlexion conditioner)
2. leave-in ( 6 Gh for a bottle of One Step leave- in)
3. oils eg coconut oil or sheabutter from Accra central or Madina market (1.50 Ghp for any oil)
4. Rollers (2 Gh for a set regardless of the size)

 So for the rest of the year, let's put in more effort to have some stable products for the salon visit.
 Your hairdresser can also help you find what works for you so talk to him or her!

Let's see the change!



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