Hair no be Firewood

Do you think a tree just turns up as a firewood? There's the  saying that "body no be firewood". Well, i agree! You have to cut down the tree, allow it to dry up, take it home, chop it into pieces and then you have your end product - firewood. By the way, not every wood  can become firewood. How's firewood related to hair?

With our hair, we have fantasies that one day, we'll wake up and all that we have to do is brush our long "mane". We, however, forget  that the European ladies we strive to imitate have their own hair care system.
They spend time on forums reading about what to do to their hair. What do we do?
Wake up, *comb the hair, put it in a ponytail and off we go until the next wash day or touch up.

If it becomes boring, we get a weave-on, braids or any form of protective styles (PS). What we tend to neglect is the fact that these PS would come down one day and then our routine continues.
We don't read about what can cause traction aloepecia (a form of hair loss), brittle hair, or even the breakage  we still get with using our PS.
The cycle continues till we end up with Neck length (NL) hair then we start grumbling about how we are not naturally endowed with long hair!
We say that cheap things cost more. We tend to buy things at a cheap cost only to have a negative repercussion.
The sole aim of a hairdresser is to make profit and minimize loss. Decisions made concerning each hair product is geared toward maximizing profit and reducing loss.
If you are like me who can't afford a top class salon, your only choice is to go the salon shop which charges 3 Ghc for a touch up or wash.
The hairdressers in most of these salons opt for the cheapest conditioners on the market.  To make matters worse,  they over dilute these conditioners to make them last longer.Since the effectiveness of the conditioner is drastically reduced, it doesn't do its work. At the end of the day, your hair doesn't benefit from the conditioner though you pay for what has been used.
You might experience dryness, breakage and brittleness as a result of the conditioner.
Won't you rather buy your own conditioner and take it to the salon to ensure that the health of your hair is not comprised?

What are you going to do different to get your hair to give the results you want?

Let's be active!



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