Leele (Henna) For Our Hair

In the Northern part of Ghana, I know Leele  is used to beautify the palms of brides during their wedding ceremony. The designs were extremely lovely to behold. It is also known as "Zabila" in the North.

Now, this same product is also beneficial to the hair. Some of its benefits include strengthening the hair and cleansing the scalp. Go Here to read more on Henna. To use Leele, watch jerseystylezz give a step-by-step method of application. For those who cannot watch the video, the steps are provided below the video.

  1. Gloves (to protect the hand)
  2. Vaseline to proctect forehead, ears and neck
  3. Dark Shirt  
  4. Perm Applicator brush (or just fingers)
  5. Conditioner
  6. Deep Conditioner
  7. Cinnamon (check super markets, Makola market, Shoprite @ Accra mall or A & C mall at East Legon)
  8. 4 Green Tea Bags
  9. 2 Cups of Water
  10. 100-150g of Henna  
  1.  Heat water to right before boiling
  2. Transfer water back to measuring cap and seep tea bags
  3. Remove tea bags and add a tablespoon of Cinnamon to mixture. Let it cool
  4. Mix henna into the mixture and stir consistently till it has a yogurt like state.
  5. Set the henna mixture aside and shampoo your hair. 
  6. Protect your bathroom floor and counter with newspaper
  7. Add a tablespoon of honey to the mixture after shampooing the hair
  8. Part the hair into workable section, wear your gloves and use the applicator brush or fingers to distribute the henna over each section.Make sure you cover the entire hair
  9. Leave henna in hair for up to 12 hours
  10. Wash out henna with only water and conditioner till the water runs clear
  11. Deep condition the hair for as long as possible



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