School Barbering

We were at one of our morning assemblies when our headmistress requested the presence of all the girls in one of the classrooms. Several thoughts run through my mind: another exam talk, our skirt length, washroom hygiene etc.
When we got into the classroom, she closed the door and the rest was a session with the head's pair of scissors! I can see you smiling because you've had such an experience back in school.
Our teachers could turn into barbers at any time during school sessions. If you become a client, you'll go home with your hair looking like some mice  had bitten some parts off.
All this was to curb our desire to grow to hair in preparation for leaving school. I sit down and reflect on whether the stress was worth it because keeping bushy hair has nothing to do with passing your exams.
This practice has not ceased and until the " keep your hair in a low-cut" policy is changed, we will always have a school barber.

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