Whose Fault? The Hair Stylist Or The Client?

 I give the relaxer to my hairdresser but she doesn't read what is written on the relaxer box and proceeds to apply it.
Me: "Please make sure you don't spread the relaxer to the tips".
Hair dresser: "ma ti (I've heard you)"
I sit for 10 minutes for the relaxer to  work.
Me: "e shi shi me (it's burning me)"
Hairdresser: "just wait for a minute more so that your hair can relax" (the popular believe that the longer you sit, the better the effect)
Me: "I can't wait". "Wash it out quickly"

 Hairdresser takes me to her sink and pours a cup of water on the hair. Gosh! the water feels like it came out of a "cooler" (earthen ware pot) or fridge because it was so cold. (the best would have been  luke-warm water). She proceeds to use the shampoo and conditioner one after the other.
Me: " what can I put in my hair?" ( I don't know what can work on my hair texture)
Hairdresser: "you can put anything in it".( Is this true?)
Me: "Ok, give me some leave-in and any other thing that can  reduce this breakage.

After a week, my hair feels dry and I go to my hairdresser to wash it. Within 3 days, it's dry again and I begin to think of what I can do to it.  My hair continues to fall out until i decide to weave-on but i know when I take out the weave, my hair "headaches" will start again. My hairdresser can't help me because she can't even differentiate between a lye and no-lye relaxer.

This story is one of the several encounters I had with my hairdresser during my pre-healthy relaxed hair days.
Have you had this experience before? How did it go?

Stay tuned!


  1. Funny but very typical. I've had the same thing happen to me when I was home(Gh). In my case I was really tryna be cheap and get the relaxer done for next to nothing. You pay for those decisions though.


  2. very true. It's so cheap to relax hair in Ghana but the hair dressers will leave your hair messed up.

  3. confident debbie7:22 pm

    and they dnt like using plenty water to wash off da relaxer.leaving da hair look do coloured. lol

  4. Debbie, they complain abt the water as if you begged them to open the salon

  5. I hate that, "sit a little for it to relax". It is MY scalp that is on fire and I say I can't take it any more! I used to go to a lady that after she had told me to wait and i had refused, would startt washing the combs under the tap slooooowly, so that i would still have to wait. One day I actually shoved her out of the way, knelt on the chair and started rinsing it out myself. I haven't been to her place in almost 7 years. Any guesses why? lol Ghana can be such funnnnnnn! lol

  6. I tell you, they can exhibit the highest level of hair ignorance. When I got home that day, I couldn't stop wondering why she was called a hair dresser.

  7. the dialogue is interesting...u know our hairdressers well paa


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