Reward Your Hair

After writing about honouring our hair texture, I asked myself,"how do I honour it? I thought of giving my hair a reward for all that it has done for my beauty!

Learning to reward yourself for achieving milestones can propel you to greater heights. It give you a sense of fulfillment. Do you recall the moments you school when you did well in a test in one of the difficult course? I bet you told yourself," As for this one, I will buy a bottle of champagne!

In the 7th month of the hair journey, I bought  two new conditioners as a reward for my hair; one of which has received a lot of positive reviews.

On my next wash, I quickly went in for a conditioner. I immediately noticed it had a sweet smell and a nice slip  for detangling. That meant there was not the need to buy any detangling product! I had killed two birds with one stone. I plan to give my hair another reward on my 12 months mark.

OK, how about rewarding your hair with a variety of styles! sdecordovaxxx shows us how.


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